About Us

Best Abortion Pills Rx is an initiative by a group of women healthcare experts. It began its operations in 2009 with a few women healthcare seminars. As the seminars received an overwhelming response from women, Best Abortion Pills Rx decided to go have a web presence to address women from all around the world.

During the conducted seminars, the team observed that women who are dealing with unwanted pregnancy felt a sense of insecurity and fear about their situation yet remained silent on the issue. Hence, the team at Bestabortionpillsrx aims to educate every person possible about women's reproductive health and ways to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. Best Abortion Pills Rx delivers its services to women in the US, Europe, Australia and some parts of Southeast Asia.

While researching the methods of abortion, our team conducted a survey to understand the experiences of women who dealt with an unwanted pregnancy. It was found that more than 50% of women try to deal with their uneventful pregnancy on their own. Around 30% of women who ended their pregnancy at home used harmful procedures to end the pregnancy. 5% of women died from harmful abortion practices.

BestAbortionPillsRx tried to get the root cause of why women had to encounter such problems. It was discovered that -
(a) Women were not comfortable about sharing their unwanted pregnancies and hence tried to deal on their own
(b) they could not find the ‘right’ information on medical termination of pregnancy
(c) There were financial obstacles while ending the unwanted pregnancy.

With the help of Best Abortion Pills Rx platform, our team helps women to tackle all the aforementioned hurdles and educate them on safe methods of pregnancy termination. For this, our teams always go the extra mile to ensure that every woman who is coming on our platform returns with a safe and practical solution of medical abortion.