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How to use Mifeprex abortion pill?

When you buy abortion pills, you basically get a combination of drugs which includes antiprogesterone medicines. The medicines are as follow:



3-Generic RU 486

How to use abortion pill?

A healthcare provider typically suggests one pill of Mifeprex. It is taken at the start of the procedure. Take the pill orally with a glass of water. 200 mg Mifeprex is enough to stop the pregnancy growth of up to 9 weeks gestation.

There’s no specific time for taking this type of abortion pill, however, the earlier you take, better the impact it would have.

Expected Symptoms:

Mifeprex abortion pill works on stopping the development of the pregnancy. With the help of elements of the pill, it fights against the progesterone hormone in the body and stops it from growing the fetus. The symptoms of this medication functioning may not be physically visible, however, the process is indeed important. Some women observe the pregnancy termination symptoms after taking a tablet only. Nonetheless, it is important that the procedure is continued.

Side Effects of Mifeprex:

1-Continued symptoms of pregnancy



These aforementioned side effects do not last long and may not even require special medication to treat them unless they are extreme or prolonged.


You should ensure that you are not allergic to any of the components present in the pill. Drinking or smoking after taking it may result in inadequate efficacy of the abortion pill, hence requested to avoid. You should neither have sexual intercourse not insert anything in the vagina as you involve in the medical abortion procedure.