Cytotec Pill

How to use Cytotec Abortion Pill ?

Cytotec is one of the medicines in the abortion pills. It contributes to the success of the medical pregnancy termination procedure.

Cytotec is a pill that is consumed after an anti-progesterone medicine. According to medical experts, four pills of Cytotec can work best on a pregnancy with up to 9 weeks of gestation. Speaking of its power, you have to take 800 mcg in total.

The two methods of administering abortion pills:

Taking Cytotec buccally:

In this method, placing the pills in the cheek pouches is required. You have to keep them in the cheeks for at least half an hour. If there’s any remainder even after half an hour, you can swallow them.

Taking Cytotec Vaginally:

In this method, placing the four pills in the vagina is expected. You have to place them in a way that they don’t fall off. For precaution, you can empty your bladder so that you don’t have to remove them for peeing.

The pills slowly dissolve in the body and make hormonal changes in the uterine lining. You experience two significant changes in the body. Cytotec causes the uterus contract and removes pregnancy tissues from the body. And hence, you observe heavy bleeding and cramps in the lower belly area.

Cytotec may also give you some negative impact, which, although, is temporary.

The side effects such as fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

last only up to a few days. If there’s any severe negative impact on the body, get medical attention at the earliest.

Women should note that you cannot end an unwanted pregnancy using Cytotec alone. For a successful medical abortion procedure, both anti-progesterone and prostaglandin medicine. Also, it is important that you wait for at least a couple of days after the bleeding has stopped. If you checked your pregnancy immediately after Cytotec consumption, it may not give you accurate results.